【The 6th World Humanities Forum: An Overview】

– (Purpose) To promote humanities studies in Korea towards a global dimension and to  enhance academic  collaboration between academia across the globe  

        ※ Held biannually since 2011 with accumulated attendance of 13,120  

– (Date/Place) Nov 19 – 21 (Thu to Sat), 2020 / Gyeongju-si,   

– (Hosted by) Ministry of Education of Korea, Gyeongsangbuk-do, City of Gyeongju, UNESCO, National Research Foundation of Korea  

– (Theme) The Humanities of Harmony: Striving towards Coexistence and Mutual Prosperity  

For more detail, please visit the World Humanities Forum Homepage. http://worldhumanitiesforum.com/eng/main/index.php

Call for Papers for The 6th World Humanities Forum 2020